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Freshen Up Friday

I pray that something that was shared here this week has refreshed you.  On this last weekday let me encourage you in a practical thing you can do to refresh yourself.  Walk into your bedroom and take look around.  Is it restful?  Is it inviting?  Or do you want to slam the door and turn and run because it’s become a cluttered nightmare instead of a peaceful getaway?  You can fix that – today.

Remove the clutter.  Clear off tabletops and dressers.  Pick up loose items and put them away.  Hang clothes on their hangers.  Look at pictures of beautiful bedrooms that you love and see what you can do to copy the photo.  You will be amazed at the things you’ll find just by shopping in your own house, items to bring into your room to make it inviting and cozy.  It might be a lamp, a few wall hangings, a plant, a bedside table, or a rug. 

tropical bedroom with yellow walls
Better Homes and Gardens

Country living

Country Living

aqua, green and white bedroom with throw pillows
Better Homes and Gardens

Country Living

 After you’ve de-cluttered, give your room a good cleaning.  Dust, vacuum, and polish, then make sure the bed is made each day – after all it takes up a good amount of space in the room.  If it’s unmade, the whole room will seem messy, even if the rest is sparkling!

You will sleep better in a bedroom that is clean and rid of clutter.  Your bedroom should be a place that feels like a bit of a retreat.  You will love spending time in there…and you’ll be refreshed.

See you in church Sunday!

With love,

7 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. Denise, how come your posts this week have been challenging to my spirit and life?
    And NOW you want me to declutter the bedroom??? 😀
    Remember that show where they take everything out on the front lawn and then only take back in what will be used? Think I'll try that tomorrow. May send before/during/after pictures.
    I love you, lady. Keep challenging~ Debby


  2. Debby, You make me laugh. I only share what the Lord's doing in my own life – so I have to obey it first! =)

    I'd LOVE to see the pics! Send them on! If the front yard is too overwhelming =) try the three bag solution. Use three black trash bags. One is for Throw away, one is for give away, one is for keep. Sort everything into those bags. Not being able to see what's inside is really helpful! When you get finished, immediately take the trash bag(s) out, and put the give away in the car to be taken to Good will, or wherever. It works like a charm!


  3. Well, you motivated me and I started decluttering the bedroom a little today. I am anxious to finish tomorrow. I know Bryan will feel like he is in a new house!


  4. Thank you Denise for your advise. I don't remember which study I did, but I remember as a part of that study it said to always make your bed. The bedroom can be a complete mess, but if the bed is made, it won't seem as bad. Hope to see you Sunday.


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