A Peek Inside the Parsonage

I hope you know that I try to lead by example.  I don’t suggest you do something if I’m not willing to do the same thing!   Last Friday I suggested that you unclutter your bedroom.  Today I’ll show a few pictures of my room that’s been tidied. 
I took down the heavy red drapes for spring and summer.
I love the chaise lounge.  It’s great for television view or reading…or a cat nap as Liza is getting ready to demonstrate!

Here’s the dresser that’s going to be painted once the weather cools off and I can take it outside.
Don’t you love these vinyl sayings?

So, how did you do with your room?  Did it overwhelm you to tackle it?  Did you finish it?  If not, take little snippets of time to keep clearing it out.  It’s amazing what just 15 minutes can accomplish!

Cleaning and decorating is a work in progress.  It really never stops.  Once you get a place straightened up, maintain it by daily keeping things put away.  Emilie Barnes says,

Don’t put it down.  Put it away.” 

That’s a great motto to keep house (or parsonage) by!
From my parsonage window,

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