Freshen Up Friday

We all have our morning routines.  We tend to do the same thing the same way most every day.  Why not refresh yourself by using a beautiful cup and saucer for your morning tea or coffee?

My hostess served me coffee like this…and I still remember
how special it made her kind gesture.

Get into your good dishes and find a beautiful cup and saucer and pour your caffeine fix into it instead of the same old mug you normally use.  There’s a pretty cup and saucer probably tucked away somewhere that you haven’t used in along time – maybe you’ve never used it because it was too special.  Get it out, wash it up and pour that steamy liquid into it.  While you’re at it, put it on a pretty tray and take it to a comfy  spot where you can sit and savor the moment.  Maybe this is the room where you’ll have your quiet time, or out on your deck in the cool of the day.  Wherever it is, just be still and enjoy the refreshment something lovely can bring.
Be refreshed,

2 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. Today I'm going to unpack my Great Grandmother's china that's been in boxes since our move a year ago. She used it… so are we.

    Love you, Denise~


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