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The Gracious Woman

Just a warning – if you are under the age of 35 you may not like this post, and will probably be muttering to yourself as you read.  Read anyway!  =)  If you’re over 35, you’ll probably be glad that someone is addressing this topic.

What is it?  Cell phones.  What a useful tool they are!  What confidence it gives when we leave home for a trip, knowing that if we get lost or need help, we can hit a speed dial and get help – like the Life line on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!  What  a blessing to no longer have the incredible phone bills that long distance calls used to accumulate! 

However, dear friends, there are times and places to use cell phones, and there are times and places to put them in your purse.  Proverbs 11:16 says that A gracious woman retains honour.  Part of being a gracious woman is being a woman of wisdom, courtesy and prudence.  We have to think about what we’re doing.  We must ask ourselves if this is the time and place for what we are doing or saying.  In regards to cell phone use, we need to ask ourselves:

  • Is it necessary that I have my phone out right now, or can it wait? 
  • Am I being a distraction to those around me by lighting up my phone to check it?
  • Is this text message really that important that I need to read it at church during the song service or message?  (Can we not give one hour to worship; totally undistracted?)
  • Do I need to know the time while I’m in church?  If your phone is the means by which you tell the time, forget the time and trust the Lord to get you out of there before the roast burns!
  • Am I being courteous by taking a call or checking my messages right now? 
    • Is someone speaking
      • to me personally? 
      • at the dinner table?
      • In a small group setting?
      • in prayer?
    • Is this a solemn occasion?
      • Wedding?
      • Funeral? – These are two more places that definitely need discretion!

There are lots of places where you can read about cell phone courtesy, but they seldom talk about being in church or in private places or settings.  We need to realize that life is about our God and people.  Set your phone aside and free yourself from the appendage that it has become.  You’ll find yourself getting more out of what’s happening around you.  Look people in the eye and converse.  Don’t be distracted by the beeping and vibrating of your phone.  Turn it off and live in the moment God has given you.  You know what else?  That message will be there when the time is right.

Refresh others by your graciousness.

Because I care,

11 thoughts on “The Gracious Woman

  1. Denise, I agree with you. Church is no place for cell phones and also the car if you cannot control your car while you are dialing or talking and hopefully if you are texting you will not use the phone. Thank you for posting this.


  2. Well said, Denise! Dare I admit that I don’t own a cell phone? The time is coming, I know, but I’ve resisted it so far. I do, however, catch myself checking my email on my tablet far too often.


  3. Well said and I too agree. I just observed a family of four at dinner and it was heart wrenching to watch three of them constantly using their cell phones. The one woman ate silently with no interaction from the others. It reminded me of how NOT to disregard others


    1. I’m so sorry to just now be responding to your comment! I just saw this! I promise I wasn’t absorbed in my cell phone! =) Yes, it’s hard to watch families so glue to media and not one another…a lesson I preach to myself often! Thanks for your comment!


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