A Peek Inside the Parsonage

This picture, taken at Whitney’s wedding is really special to me.  She and Allison are sitting at the piano; this has great significance for our family because there is an element that has been a part of our parsonage home since the very beginning of our marriage – music.  My husband and I sang to each other at our wedding.  I remember singing to both of our girls when they were tiny babies (and even while in the womb).  I taught them all the little children’s songs and we would sing them together – “Jesus Loves Me, Oh, Say but I’m Glad, I’ve Got a Mansion, Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World, Into My Heart, Trust and Obey”, and the list goes on. 

We also played music in our home.  I have the first Patch the Pirate Album (yeah, it was a long time ago!), Patch the Pirate Goes to the Jungle, that I played when Whitney was just a baby.  Both our girls grew up listening to Ron Hamilton’s music and stories that touched every area of their lives.  They learned about obedience, sharing, loving good food that mommy fixes (even broccoli!), being a wiggle worm, being selfish, having a happy home and best of all, salvation – all from the songs on the Patch the Pirate albums, tapes and Cd’s. 

It was after listening to a Patch the Pirate CD of a little child being saved that Whitney began to enquire about salvation and then trusted Christ as her own Savior one evening in our home. 

I’ll never forget carrying Allison into surgery when she was three.  Dressed in surgical clothes, I was allowed to escort her to the operating room where they placed her on the operating table.  As the anesthesiologist  placed the mask over her nose to put her to sleep, I sang to her –When shadows fall, and the night covers all, there are things that my eyes cannot see.  I’ll never fear, for the Savior is near, my Lord abides with me.  How can I fear, Jesus is near; He ever watches over me.  Worries all cease, He gives me peace.  I’ll never fear with Jesus. Neither one of us sing that song now without remembering that time all those years ago.  I sang the song for her, but it ministered to my own maternal heart so sweetly that I always tear up when I hear it.

My husband and Whitney have had “their song” too – a special one for daddy’s and their daughters. 

Our girls were both gifted with musical abilities at the piano, and their music filled our home all the years they were growing up.  That was one thing about them leaving home that I really missed.  I love it when they are here and sit down at the piano and play.

Music is a gift from the Lord, and I’m thankful for the way that gift graced our parsonage over the years.  It knit our lives together, it turned hearts to salvation, it taught of our great God, it comforted, it praised, it encouraged, it blessed…and it still does!

Does your family sing together?  Does your family have a song that brings special memories?

From my parsonage window,

2 thoughts on “A Peek Inside the Parsonage

  1. I, of course, love music and I've been singing to Ethan and playing the piano for him since before he was born. Not surprisingly he loves his music, too! We even make up songs of our own. I'm so thankful we came across Patch the Pirate, too. He has learned so many lessons from them and has learned so many wonderful songs!


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