In Time to Come

In this “instant world” we live in waiting can be difficult to handle.  We tap our foot in the “fast food” line if we’ve waited over a few minutes.  We wait for the repairman that was supposed to have shown up hours ago.  We crane our necks to see the traffic problem ahead of us if all we see are brake lights, indicating a halt in our mobile progress.  Even though we don’t like these kind of waiting times,we know they’ll come and we adjust.

I don’t know about you, but waiting for things in my spiritual life seems much harder.  I mean, this is a good thing I’m asking for or anticipating.  Why would God wait to allow it to come to pass?  Isn’t His promise to us that we’re to call and He will answer? We’re to sow seed and He will bring the reaping, right?  Here’s what God told me in response to that question.

Recently I was waiting for God to deliver on one of His promises to me as a woman.  I foolishly and selfishly had the mentality, “I’ve done my part. I’ve obeyed.  I’ve applied Scripture. Shouldn’t I see the fruit from this now?”  One morning in my waiting, I read Proverbs 31 – a chapter I have read many times.  As I read, I saw a verse in a completely new light.  It was almost as thought I had never read it before.  Verse 25 says, Strength and honour are her clothing (the virtuous woman’s); and she shall rejoice

in   time   to   come.

This is said of the virtuous woman!  She’s the example of doing it all, and doing it well, and having a right heart in the midst of her activities!  If our doing well would assure us of getting what we’re asking for now, surely this lady would be at the front of the line.  However, she is now my reminder that it doesn’t depend on me, but on my God.   I can trust Him when He says, “Wait.”

When will the rejoicing come?  Not now.  Not when I think I’m ready for the fruit.  Not when I think it’s best, but in time to come.

I can’t tell you the joy that flooded my heart as I read that.  The Lord so sweetly spoke to my “tapping foot”.  “It will come…but not now.  I will bring rejoicing to you, but you need to be a woman of strength.  Don’t be weak and question Me.  Be a woman of honor and don’t quit while you’re waiting.  I hear you.  I will answer you.  Wait.”

If you’re waiting for a need to be met, a mate to be brought into your life, a child to return to the Lord, a husband to be saved,or some other answer to a specific prayer, let me encourage you to be a woman of godly strength and honor and keep that smile in your spirit.  One day you’ll be able to burst out in joyous laughter and rejoicing.  When?  In time to come.

Under His wings,

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