Freshen Up Friday

It’s amazing how a simple ingredient has the ability to refresh.  Add a scarf to a plain black dress, and instantly an outfit is improved.  Add a little greenery on a book shelf and it looks finished.

The same is true in foods.  Sometimes sprucing up a plain ingredient can really add pizazz to a meal.  The ingredient I’m thinking about today is Paula Deen’s favorite staple.  Yep, it’s butter.  Though I try to keep a handle on the amount I use, so I don’t end up with handles around me, it is a really great additive to plain foods.  But I’m not talking about just plain butter…



The Chop House Restaurant serves a small pork chop with some kind of herbed butter on top.  It is soooo good, and it takes a very simple piece of meat to the next level.  Recently while looking through my herb cookbook, I found a recipe for Rosemary Butter and had to give it a try.  I browned up pork chops and popped a little spoon of my seasoned butter on it and I was in heaven!  The recipe also suggests using it on fresh vegetables or broiled or grilled chicken.  I had a little extra and popped some inside my baked potato.  Oh, yes.  It was yummy!

Here’s the recipe.  It makes lots, but you could cut the recipe in half or fourths, which is what I did.

Rosemary Butter

Try this on baked or boiled chicken, boiled new potatoes or fresh garden vegetables

1 C butter, softened
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2 T chopped fresh rosemary, or 2 tsp dried
1 T chopped fresh parsley
2 tsp grated lemon peel
Salt and pepper

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Makes 1 cup.

Try an herbed butter to a plain food and see what it does.  You’ll be licking your fingers!

See you in church!

Be refreshed,

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