Freshen Up Friday

Want to be refreshed today?  Take this Advice from a tree.  =)

Stand Tall
Act Naturally
Enjoy the View
Settle         Down
Make   yourself   useful
Change your look for the season
Sink deep Roots.  You never look stupid
by staying quiet.    Learn to bend
Take what comes and make the
best of it.  Drink plenty
of water.  Recycle.  Be
yourself.  Take
the winter

I’d like to give credit to the author, but I don’t know who wrote this.  It’s good stuff, though!

See you in church Sunday!
Be refreshed,

2 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. Denise, I glean from all you write and want to be more faithful to reply.

    This tree has such simple, yet, profound messages! I've read it thrice and want to put it all into practice.

    Steve and I love sitting outside, and each time, we talk about the strength of the trees especially when the wind fiercely blows.

    God is so good to teach us from His creation.

    Loving you~ Debby


  2. How nice to hear from you, Debby! I've missed your sweet comments. You are an encouragement to me! It's easy to think no one is benefitting from this simple blog, then I hear a word and I'm charged up again! =)

    I prayed for you today!
    Love you, Friend.


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