A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Yesterday I wrote these words in my praise journal:

Home, sweet home. I loved getting settled back in yesterday; unpacking, straightening, cleaning, nesting. I love my home; this place that Dale and I share together. It is a safe haven from the world and we love being here together.

After just returning from a trip by myself to Halifax, Nova Scotia, it may sound funny when I tell you this, but I am very much a home body.  However, I never want to get so comfortable here that I cannot pry myself away and go and serve my God.  I want my life to count for Christ, and that will require ministry outside these parsonage doors. 
It would be very easy for me to nestle into my  home and busy myself every day doing what I wrote in my journal…and loving every minute of it.  But there’s a world out there that needs the Gospel.  There are people – Christians and non-Christians alike that I could serve.  That will not happen if I stay comfortable.  So, this past weekend I packed my suitcase and headed to Halifax, where I had the rich privilege of speaking to a group of women who gathered for a ladies’ retreat.  First however, came the trip that would take me to the camp…
We rose at 2:00 am so that we could make the hour trip to the airport and get there an hour before my flight left Asheville at 5:30.  God’s grace was evident even in this, giving us strength to not only rise so early, but to also feel good while doing it!  My first flight was a quick one that took me to Charlotte, my favorite airport.  After a relatively short layover I headed to Newark Airport.  All I can say is, “Wow.”  I felt like Dorothy on Wizard of Oz – “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!”  It is a huge airport!  People, ground trams and air buses were everywhere.  The Lord is always my traveling companion.  I am so aware of His presence, guiding me, comforting me, and getting me from Point A to Point B.  I found my next gate and seated myself, armed with reading material to occupy myself until my next flight left. 

As I was seated on an aisle, I was distracted from my reading with the people who were passing or waiting on their flights.  My heart broke with a truth that was lived out in front of me –the people of today are absolutely consumed with this world and have no heart for God.   I don’t want to sound like Elijah who thought that no one but him was serving God, but all I observed were people absorbed with everything this world has to offer. 

I watched one young family with two children come to be seated at the gate.  The father got on his cell phone to (loudly) call his buddy, who was obviously taking care of their dog, as well as his business.  Cursing words and ugly statements came from his mouth.  His two sons were treated, I’m sure, with far less respect and love than the dog he left in the care of his friend.  A group of young people had joined me on the air bus earlier when I was making my way to my terminal.  Their words and actions were that of people who had been blinded by the god of this world.  They are caught up in the snares, and cares of this world’s system.  Others rushed past my seat, headsets firmly in place, or cell phones buzzing and ringing, calling for their attention, and adding to the “noise in their soul.” 

I’m not suggesting that there’s anything wrong with devices such as I’ve mentioned, but when they become a means, not of communication, but of distraction, it takes our hearts away from the God who loves us and desires to have a relationship with us.   I sat and wiped away the tears that came to my eyes as I watched scores of people pass, who needed the Light of the World in their dark hearts. 

God did give me some opportunities to share that Light with some, and I thank Him, but there are so many that are unreached, and I’m afraid I’ve been so guilty of being too comfortable to reach out and give them hope for their darkness. 

I love my parsonage home, but I pray He never lets me forget the faces of those that passed me that need to hear the Gospel.  Their hearing will only come by me getting out of my comfortable place and stepping into the world where they are.  They aren’t just in big cities at busy airports  – they are in the houses across the street, they shop at my grocery store and I meet them in the quiet library.  One is seated in the doctor’s office where I wait and another stands behind the teller window at our bank.   I must step out of my “Home sweet home” and minister to the “World, lost world.”

For whom are you burdened?  Are you willing to get a little uncomfortable and reach out to the lost that are around you?  May we be willing to reach outside our own door and rescue the perishing.

From my parsonage window,

3 thoughts on “A Peek Inside the Parsonage

  1. The BBQ cups were a big hit at our house last night!! Thanks for such a quick, easy recipe!! I'm sure we will be having them again.


  2. Denise, my burden this week is two fold… but, the one in particular is for the youth of Whitmire, SC. I've been asked to speak to them this evening.
    There will be young people, parents, and others present.
    The desire of my heart is that they know the way of salvation more than the significance of this date.
    Thanks for your prayers~ Debby


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