A Peek Inside the Parsonage

What’s going on in the parsonage?  Well, I have a new hobby that could take over my life!  It’s Pinterest!  Wow!  What great ideas are on there!  I really do have to discipline myself only get on there at the end of the day after all the important stuff is done, because there are just so many great ideas to look at! 

I especially love the crafty things.  The idea of taking a something simple and turning it into something spectacular is invigorating to me!  Last year I found this post on How Does She and was inspired to redesign simple t-shirts into a ruffled top.  Here was a $2 plain V-necked top from Target that I changed in a matter of about an hour (maybe a little less!)  If you love the ruffled look you see everywhere, you need to make one of these! 

I’m just getting into creating my boards on Pinterest, but if you’re on there you can check out the fun things I’ve found. Are you on Pinterest?  What’s your best advice you could give someone like me who is just beginning?  What is your favorite kind of boards to pin to? Baking?  Decorating?  Clever sayings?  Tell me!  I’m pinterested! =)

From my parsonage windows,

3 thoughts on “A Peek Inside the Parsonage

  1. I love Pinterest!! So far I've mostly used it for planning events — fantastic ideas — but have been able to take advantage of it for “personal use” from time to time…oh, to have hours to sit and pin — it's addicting!
    You can get great ideas for ladies activities, favors, birthday party decor, weddings, etc. (and lots of DIY, i.e., your t-shirt) I even started a FB photo album called “My DIY” to start keeping track of the things I've “created”. I use “creative titles” for my boards…just to make it more fun!
    Use the search box…just type in party favors, wreaths, centerpieces, etc. and start looking. You can also comment to people by clicking “comment” and then using the @ symbol before their name to “tag” them, like with FB.
    I'm also trying to plan a “pinning party” — a chance for some of us busy moms to get together and pin away — without the guilt!!! 🙂
    Happy Pinning!


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