Freshen Up Friday

There are so many adorable ideas on the Internet for Easter…which is only three weeks away.  Have you found any recipes or decorations that you are excited to do this year?  Let me inspire you with a few things I’ve found; ideas to refresh your spring and your anticipation of Easter.

This darling treat is from Martha Stewart

These miniature centerpieces would be so simple!

Here is a simple idea from Martha Stewart to just add blades of grass around your morning eggs.  Cute!

Edible nests!  I think my Sunday school class would love these!

I love this door decoration because it is the symbol of what Easter is all about.

If nothing else, put out a bowl of jelly beans or chocolate eggs in a pretty bowl or pretty little basket and set it out on the coffee table or your entry table so your guests will have a spring treat.

I hope you’ve been inspired!

Now, how about some refreshment in your spiritual life?  We all need it every day, don’t we?  We begin revival meetings this Sunday with Ben Farrell.  The meeting runs Sunday through Friday.  We’d love to have you come!  We are looking for the Lord to do great things among us!

See you in church!

Be refreshed,

P.S.  Did you notice the new tabs above today’s post?  I’m especially working on the “Recipe” tab to create links to all the recipes on my blog so it will be easier for you to find them.  Hope this is helpful to you!

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