Freshen Up Friday

I had to show you the great find my husband discovered this week at TJ Maax (he’s a great shopper!). 
He knows my taste so well.
Look at this beauty… 

 Can you believe only $25 for a $69 lamp?  That’s why I love to shop at TJ Maax and Marshalls!
 The lamp you see sitting back there on my desk was on the foyer table. 
It’s perfect for my desk light.
 I love the detail of the ribbon roses on the top and bottom of the lampshade.

 Liza wants you to know, however, that no room is completely decorated
unless it has a cat in it!  “^..^”
While I was taking these pictures, she jumped up beside me to sit
on the bench beside the door.

I’m always on the lookout for a little touch of “me” when I’m out shopping. By that I mean, things that will complete the look I enjoy in my home.  I love to find things on clearance that have either been on my list of needed items, or something whimsical, like this lamp that adds the perfect touch.  Sometimes it’s those things that you weren’t necessarily looking for that add just what you need to add something extraordinary to a room.  Even if you’re not positive about where you’ll put it, I’ve learned the hard way that it’s better to buy it and return it if it doesn’t work, than to get home, realize it would be perfect, and find it’s gone when you go back to get it! 

I keep a list of things on my phone that I need for the house – whether it’s light bulbs, a new mattress pad,  washcloths, or a small clock – I write it down so when I’m out and find some good deals, I’ll remember what I’m looking for!  Keep things fresh in your home by making a list. No matter how slowly you replace worn things and add new updates or pretty touches, each “touch” will help you create a place you’re glad to come home to.

Decorating a house is a work in progress. It’s work that is rewarding when you love your home, and your family and friends come in and immediately feel at rest.

Do you keep a list of items you need?  Have you found any super deals recently?

Speaking of decorating your home:

This coming Monday night, April 30th at 7PM, we are having our monthly ladies’ Bible study.  We will continue our study,  Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Our chapter is on “Living room Intimacy.” It’s a special chapter.  I pray you’re planning on attending and being challenged by God’s Word.

Following our lesson, a guest from Gracious Designs in Jonesborough will be with us to talk about creating a beautiful porch and entryway.  You won’t want to miss this!!!!  There will be items on display that will also be available for ordering.  Lots of fun is in store! Plan to join us!

With love,

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