Flowers or Weeds?

We took a ride through the country in the afternoon and noticed how parched the cornfields look.  The lack of rain is showing in their drooping, shriveled stalks.  You could almost hear them calling out for water.

Later in the day I stepped out onto my front walk to clean things up and looked in disbelief at how in the midst of my also dying phlox, this one viney kind of weed was looking very prolific – spite the lack of rain!  It was standing up straight and tall with new little sprouts everywhere! 

As I set to the task of removing the unwanted plantlife, I thought about how very much weeds are like ungodly disciplines. 

  • They both require very little effort to growEven in a drought, my weeds are growing! When I’m not being watered by the Word of God, or I’m walking under the control of my flesh, ungodly things grow quickly – criciticism, complaint, discontement, bad attitude, selfishness, and pride – to name a few. 
  • They are both discouraging.  Where I’d love flowers to be blooming, weeds are taking over!  When I’m not pulling out the sinful things from my life I see a setback instead of progress.  (Thank the Lord for His forgiveness!)
  • Both are the result of sin.  Weeds took over Adam’s garden after he and Eve sinned.  Ungodly disciplines are a part of my life because of my sinful choice.
  • Both are ugly.  I planted flowers for beauty, but cannot see them for the weeds! God desires for us to be a reflection of Him, but when we aren’t getting rid of ungodly habits, our testimony for Him is hidden.
  • Both can be removed!  When I get out there with work gloves on, I can spray and also pull those ugly rascals out of my flower beds.  When I humble myself before the Lord and confess my sin, it’s gone – as far as the east is from the west.  Psalm 103:12

What’s growing most in your heart – godly disciplines and fruitfulness or the weeds of ungodly things?  Get out the weed killer of humility and become a thing of beauty for God’s glory!

With love,

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