Are We Having Fun Yet?

From Family fun – Sandwich cookies turned into flip flops!  How cute!

I still laugh when I remember the very frustrated mother I saw at the amusement park some years ago.  She was hot, exhausted, and at her wits end as she said to her children in a very loud voice, “We came here to have a good time, and we are going to have a good time!” 

It’s every mom’s desire for her kids to enjoy the summer months, but there are days when you get tired and have come to the end of your idea list.  So, how’s your summer going?  Are you needing a few ideas to fill these next four weeks with fun things for your children?  I have seen some really adorable ideas online recently.  It makes me wish I had little ones at home so I could do some of these fun things!

In case you’re needing a few creative activities, I thought I’d share a few I’ve found:

Potted Chocolate Mint Puddings from
Martha Stewart
  • How Does she? has a list of 100 cheap or free summer activities. 
  • From making slime to homemade paints and hot air balloons, Lil’ Luna has some really creative ideas here that were shared from many of her readers. 
  • Martha Stewart has a list of 60 ideas including crafts, foods and backyard activities.
  • Crystal & Co. has a list of 80 simple and very do-able activities that every child needs to do!!!!
  • Here’s another list from The Chirping Moms.  There might be a few that are repeated from another site, but each list has some unique activities no other place has.
  • Here’s a Pinterest page of 100 ideas! 

Wow!  Wish I was a kid again!

Who will you do these activities with?  If, like me, you don’t have little ones, perhaps we can adopt some one’s child for an afternoon and have some fun with them, and give their mommy a break!

What’s your favorite summer memory as a child?

Enjoying summer,

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