Freshen Up Friday

My husband and I have a friend who loves his coffee.  When he came to his office one day to find that someone had cleaned – I mean really cleaned the pot, he about croaked!  He claimed that was what gave the coffee its great flavor! Ha! Well, we love our coffee and iced tea around here, but I like the containers to get a good cleaning on a regular basis!  This means going beyond using Joy Dish Soap.  This job calls for Baking Soda!

I love this stuff – it’s almost like magic.  I barely started cleaning my pitcher and the stained tea and coffee just disappeared!  Now everything is shiny once again.  Ahhhh…

Freshen up your coffee pot and/or tea pitcher with some baking soda and then sit back and enjoy the sparkle – and the pure coffee flavor!

See you in church Sunday!

Be refreshed,

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