Will the Real Denise Please Stand

It was a really strange feeling to find out just recently that someone on Facebook had taken my name, my picture, and even slipped up on some of my contacts asking them to befriend them again.  I’m thankful for a friend who alerted me, making it possible for me to report it and get the “new account” blocked and stopped.

After being alerted of this news, I checked the other Denise’s account.  The page had my picture, but nothing else.  There was no timeline of my travels, no connections with others, no information about me, thank the Lord.  They had my name and my picture, but it seems that is it. They even misspelled my name!  It was obvious that they don’t know me, but were only pretending that they did.

I’ve thought a lot about that through the night.  In a spiritual light, we that have trusted Christ as our Savior, have taken on His identity.   We announced that to the world when we were baptized after salvation.  We should be less and less of who we were before salvation, and more and more of Christ each day we live.  I’m afraid, too often, it’s like my impostor, we take on the identity, but we don’t go to the effort to really know Christ. 

If someone were to look at our account, would the page be fairly empty or would it have a “timeline” of activity?  Would it show pictures of those we spoke to about our Savior?  Would it mark the places we went to serve?  Would it be full of God’s Words because we  know Him so well? 

I’m certainly not thrilled at someone pretending to be me, but I am thankful for the reminder that when I say I’m a Christian, others will see by what flows out of my life if I really know Him or not.  Let’s not be impostors – let’s be truly identified with Christ and come to know Him better every day!

You won’t drift into growth; it must be intentional. What did you do today to come to know your Savior better?

With love,

The real   =)

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