Thrifty Meal: Chicken Thighs with Carrots and Potatoes

It’s Thrifty Thursday! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be bringing you a series of posts on ways to be “thrifty” with your time and money. Thanks for reading!

Gauging by the plethora of pictures I’ve seen on Facebook featuring children in backpacks, I think it’s back to school time! Late summer and early fall bring busy days, whether you are a homeschooling mom, a car line mom, an empty-nester mom, or just a busy 9-5 working wife like me! If I left your category out, just keep reading and make this chicken recipe anyway. It’s good. 🙂

This recipe will help you be thrifty with both your time AND your money! How great is that? (Oh and it’s yummy)

Chicken Thighs with Carrots and Potatoes – picture from myrecipes.com

You can find the recipe here: Chicken Thighs with Carrots and Potatoes.

Now – here are my tips to save you some time and money!

Time Saving Tips:

  • If you purchase a family size package of thighs and your family only needs four thighs, separate the chicken into ziploc freezer bags of four. Thawing four pieces of chicken takes less time than thawing eight pieces!
  • Assemble the dish the night before and place it in the refrigerator (assuming your crock pot has a removable insert). When you get up in the morning, pull it out of the fridge and pop it in the crock pot.  
  • Spray your crock pot with a little non-stick spray before adding vegetables and chicken – this makes cleanup even easier!

Money Saving Tips:

  • Purchase chicken thighs when they are on sale (you don’t buy meat full price anyway, right? cause you don’t have to…). Here in the Southeast, .98/lb is a very good and attainable price.
  • If your freezer contains 4 thighs and 2 drumsticks, feel free to throw those in the crock pot instead of going out and buying more thighs. It worked just fine for me last week!
  • Use what you have on hand! The recipe calls for skinless thighs, but I use thighs with the skin still on…nobody complains. I can find these at a lower price than skinless most of the time. I also use whatever potatoes I have on hand. I’ve used Russet and some kind of Klondike Rose, and both were delicious.

If you make this recipe, leave me a comment here or on the RefreshHer Facebook page and let me know what you think!

Until next Thursday….


3 thoughts on “Thrifty Meal: Chicken Thighs with Carrots and Potatoes

  1. Whitley, the recipe looks so simple , and I have all the ingredients. Sounds like a plan for dinner tonight.
    Thanks for your input!
    Debby… Who is looking forward to next Thursday and wondering if you made your riffled blouse. Is it like the T your Mom made?


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