A Peek Inside the Parsonage

Birthdays are BIG deals in the parsonage.  Shouldn’t it be?  That family member was brought into the world on that day, and we are glad!  We usually always serve breakfast in bed to the honoree’, serve them whatever they want for supper, and give them their choice of birthday cake.  Well, yesterday was our Alli’s golden birthday, meaning she was 21 on the 21st!  We celebrated by going to Pigeon Forge for a couple nights to rest, shop and just have fun as a family (+Alli’s boyfriend!). 

Alli’s choice of cake was one of our favorites – Triple Chocolate Cake.  We only eat it on special occasions.  Here’s why – it is a Devil’s Food cake with a HUGE whipped cream layer, chocolate butter cream and chocolate ganache over the icing.  Here’s a peek at what it looks like under the butter cream…

Now with the butter cream and ganache and packed on my Tupperware carrier ready for travel…

And now, how about a slice? 

All this needs is a cup of coffee or a tall glass of milk.  Okay, it’s loaded with calories and fat, but you’re only twenty-one once, and after all, a birthday is a special day celebrating a special person!  So, why not?!  Life is too short not to splurge every now and then!  Enjoy!

If you’re interested in the recipe, you can find it on an earlier post here.

From (outside) my parsonage windows,

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