Freshen Up Friday

You probably know that the Cunningham’s are Andy Griffith fans.  One of my favorite episodes is when Andy and Opie are left at home while Aunt Bea goes away.  A single woman named Peggy steps in to cook for the bachelors when she sees how desperate they are on their own.  Here’s one conversation in the episode:

Opie: Paw? What happened? You didn’t want to sing before and I didn’t want to talk … what happened?
Andy: There’s a woman in the house.
Opie: That’s all there is to it?
Andy: That’s all there is to it.

They found out what a difference it makes to have a woman step into their home in Aunt Bea’s absence.  Peggy lit candles and created an atmosphere that Andy called, “gracious living.”  That is indeed what a feminine touch can do – it can bring about a gracious setting and gracious things into the lives of those with whom we live.

It can be tempting in the busyness of our every day lives to let the gracious things slip by, but if we realize the brevity of our lives and the preciousness of the relationships of our family, we need to put some special thought into what we can do to add little pieces of “gracious living” into our homes.  Even if you live alone, doing little things can make every day something special.  Need some suggestions?

  • Be like Peg and light some candles at the dinner table.  If you have little ones, they will love it!

  • Create a centerpiece on your table.  Grab a branch of colored leaves from your yard and put them in a pretty vase.  Another kind of centerpiece could be made using small pumpkins or gourds. 

  • Use pretty napkins on the table.
  • Cook a themed dinner – For example, create the meal around a favorite book, or a favorite missionary family’s place of service
  • Slow down the pace of dinner.  Stay seated at the table when everyone is finished and read a chapter of a book together  (how about the Proverb for the day?).
  • Teach little ones manners by your own.  Remind them to pass food.  Teach them to think of others before themselves.  Let them ask to be excused when they’re finished, and to thank mom for the meal.
  • Make sure you’re looking great when your family comes home – especially your husband!  Freshen up.  Put on something he would love to see you wearing.  Add a little makeup.  Comb your hair.  Let him know you’re glad he’s home!

This isn’t being fussy – this is being gracious.  Why not refresh your family with a good dose of it?  They may wonder what you’re up to, but they’ll be glad you’re there to add your feminine touch.

What do you do to add some “gracious living” to your home?  I’d love to hear!

See you in church Sunday!

Be refreshed,

2 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. Denise, thank you for the gentl minder about sprucing yourself up before your husband comes home. Since I'm not working I tend to forget to do this and I'm surprised he doesn't turn around and go back out the door somedays. lol.


  2. Love this post! I loved sitting around the table at our house, and at Nana's. It is a good way to tell you family, “you are more important to me than the other things I need to do.”

    Sometimes Paul will come home before I'm done freshening up for him. He'll say “you don't have to do that, it's just me here.” Making yourself look good for just your husband is a great way to communicate to him that you sparkle only for him!


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