What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

Yesterday’s Sunday dinner was not a meal at home, it was a church-wide fellowship dinner following our church’s 56th anniversary service.  You can’t beat 175 people coming together, each family bearing their best recipes!  It’s always an amazing buffet of wonderful food.  I wish I had gotten a shot of the whole gym – it was decorated beautifully and the tables were filled to overflowing, but who has time to take pictures when dinner is calling?!

Want to start with dessert?  I took a Kentucky Derby Pie.  The recipe is posted here. The pie plate was EMPTY. It seems to be a favorite at church; it’s a favorite at our house too!

The church provided turkey.  I cooked one of the turkey breasts…

and dressing.

We love Stove Top at our house.  I just sautee’ onions and celery and add them to the dressing after it’s cooked.  I also add dried cranberries. 

I also took a crock pot of mashed potatoes.  I cooked them in the crock pot while we were sleeping Saturday night.  Sunday morning I just had to get out my beaters and mash them, then plug the crock pot back in to keep them warm.  That was a super easy dish to take, and they were ALL eaten.  I will definitely do that again!

The best thing about yesterday, however, was recounting the goodness of our God over the past 56 years.  We were reminded of the church’s beginning and also of those that have faithfully served in both visible places and roles that are behind the scenes.  I thought about heaven as I sat there.  Won’t it be wonderful when the Lord rewards us for our labor for Him?  It truly will be worth it all! 

How was your day at church?  Was there anything special cooking in your kitchen this weekend?

From the parsonage kitchen,

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