Wow.  What a week this has been.  My mother-in-law progressed from a lasting (unchecked) cough, then to pneumonia, to fluid around the heart, a blood clot in her leg and a myriad of tests checking on other issues.  We’ve been in the hospital all day, overnight and now in the ICU with her. 

The world won’t stop without my blog posts, that’s for sure, but just wanted you to know where I’ve been, and where I may possibly be in the days ahead. 

We have no idea what the future holds, but we rest in our God who does.  Underneath are His everlasting arms of comfort, provision and grace.  Thanks to those who will pray for her, and for us (my husband is her only child) as we make decisions and care for her during this time. 

Trusting in His perfect will,

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  1. Denise, daily, I have checked for new wisdom from you just in case you Added to the blog. You are correct. The world will not stop if there are no additions, but life goes on.

    You are an excellent example of a godly woman who not only loves and respects her husband, you care about his Mother as well… And you care for her.

    May we who read your blog and glean from you be an encouragement to you, especially now. Knowing WRITTEN WORDS are a gift of yours… may our love for you be shown in written words, too.

    Much love to you, my darlin' friend~ Debby… Who treasures fond memories of Mrs. Cunningham from my teaching years in Sumter


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