Freshen Up Friday


We are having winter weather in East Tennessee!  The snow started falling yesterday afternoon in heavy, wet flakes leaving us with about four inches of lovely white all over the yard and trees.  Whether or not you’re having snow and winter weather, it is winter here in the U.S.  Winter is the time to be indoors more due to the sometimes cold temperatures – and the fewer hours of daylight.

Hmmm, inside more.  It’s days like these that bring out my domestic side.  I want to bake, iron, and sew.  I enjoy thumbing through magazines or looking on Pinterest and coming up with new furniture arrangements.  I enjoy my crafting times when the sunny weather is hidden for a few months.

Overnight Peaches-and-Cream French Toast Recipe

Why don’t you tend to some of the domestic chores at your house today – snowed in or not?  Sew on those missing buttons or hem that pair of jeans you bought months ago. (Here’s a neat tutorial on a great method to get that job done!)  Iron your linen napkins and use them at supper tonight.  Bake a new brownie recipe maybe these or a yummy cookie – perhaps this one.  Make a breakfast dish tonight to serve on Saturday morning after your clan has slept in. This Overnight Peaches and Cream French Toast would be a great one to try!

Freshen up your Friday by pulling out all the domestic stops!  What domestic chores do you love?  Which are the ones you put off doing? Try doing it while listening to some good music, a book on tape or while watching a favorite movie!  The time will pass quickly and you’ll be amazed at what you have accomplished!

Be refreshed,

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