Freshen Up Friday: Shopping Target Clearance

Happy Friday! Whitney here…

One of the most obvious ways to freshen up your home is with new decorations. I am freshening up a new (to me) house bit by bit with new things from Hobby Lobby (love) and Target!

You can always find something on sale at Hob Lob, and if you download their iPhone app, you’ll always have a coupon to use on regular price items. But back to Target…

When I go to Target, I always look on the ends of the aisles for their clearance end caps. I recently learned a trick to reading Target’s clearance tags, and I’ll share that in a second. But first, check out some incredible bargains I’ve scored…

  • Top Left: 2 matching lamps, “online items” meaning they are only sold online, but were returned to the store. Since they don’t belong in the store, Target marks online items WAY down. I got those lamps for $5 each (see tag on the top right).
  • Bottom Left: A set of suede-ish turquoise accent pillows for my navy couch, $8 (Photobomb by my sister’s oh-so-cute kitty).
  • Bottom Right: Super cute gray and yellow twin sheet set, 50% off at $7.98.

Here’s the secret I learned from reading a blog post about Target’s clearance process: the little number in the top right hand corner will tell you how much the item has been discounted. For as long as the item stays on the shelf, it will be marked down every two weeks. The discounting goes from 15%, then 30%, then 50%….then 70%….and even to 90%! I’m thrilled if I find something marked down 50%, like the gray and yellow sheets. That’s a significant savings!

This item has been marked 75% off…see the little number up there?

Target marks down several departments in their store each day, so the clearance is always changing. This is a great excuse to run into Target whenever you have a chance! =)

Happy Shopping!


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