A Peek Inside the Parsonage

I invite you inside my new Craft Room for a peek today!
This was Alli’s room, then my MIL’s sick room.  
I had long planned for this to become the room I could sew and craft in some day.  It’s still a work in progress, but I’ll show you where I am at this point.
This room is also my Quiet Place where I meet with the Lord each day.
The green chair is where I sit to read, study and pray.
The lamp on the table was a super find at TJ Maxx recently.  
I paid $13 for a $69 lamp! LOVE those yellow clearance tags!
I love that I can leave my sewing machine up! Maybe now my quilt squares will get finished!
Thanks, Liza, for showing everyone the room! (She thinks she has to be in every picture!)
The comforter and pillows were another find at TJ Maax.  Love.

This is the area that is still under decorating construction.  
This is my craft closet.  I bought a small collapsible table at Sam’s club.  
It fits perfectly inside the closet.  I can even shut the doors and hide all my junk crafting stuff!
I’m thinking about painting the inside of the closet an aqua color for a little pizzazz.  
What do you think?

Here’s a picture looking straight on.
I love that I have all my card making things right at my fingertips!
I can actually sit down at a table and work instead of bending over the bed like I used to do!

I adore my wooden sign!
This was purchased with a Pier One gift card a friend gave me for my birthday.  
I tucked it away until I could find exactly what I was looking for.
  It couldn’t be more me. So glad I waited!

Now you know where I’ll be spending my crafting time!  Of course this also doubles as a guest room.  Hmm, think it would be rude to awaken our guest so I could make a card?  Just kidding!

Do you have a dream room you’re planning?

From the parsonage windows,

4 thoughts on “A Peek Inside the Parsonage

  1. Definitly paint your closet! We painted every closet to match each room before we moved into our new house, and it's so nice to open the closet door to see a pretty color beside white!!! I just love reading your blog, it is one that I look forward to read everyday!!!


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