Freshen Up Friday

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We would all love to have a garden like this photo above, wouldn’t we?  We picture ourselves sitting out in a yard like that sipping sweet tea and lingering over a novel on a perfect summer day.  However, most of our yards are more like:

well, maybe not THAT bad, but perhaps it’s more like:

It’s just kind of plain and needing some help.  Maybe your yard is advance beyond that.  Whatever the state is, if you’re needing some additions to freshen up your yard and you are on a budget, let me give you a few ideas that will help you to Freshen Up the Yard with Frugality!

  • Get cuttings of plants from a friend that has plants that spread.  Some examples would be, Herbs, Lilies, Ornamental Grasses, phlox, Lambs Ear, etc.
  • Go FIRST to the clearance section at your landscape place.  Lowes always has a section of things marked down.  Sometimes they need a little TLC, but they will usually be half price there!
  • Buy things that will spread (such as the before mentioned plants).  Plan accordingly when planting them; leave room for growth.
  • Buy perennials so you they’ll return year to year.
It’s about time to get some things growing.  Start by getting an idea of one or two areas you want to embellish.  Start small with something your budget and your back will both be able to handle, and work up to the full-blown plan bit by bit.  Don’t let those window boxes go naked again this summer!  Brighten up your porch with a flower pot or two!  Go on, freshen up that yard!

See you in church!

Be refreshed,

Today is Day #19 in the House Cleaning challenge.  The chore for today is to clean up the entryway, garage or car.  I’m going to take care of the front porch and side door entries.  Come back at 6 PM and I’ll show you how it turned out!

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