Be Extravagant

I just got back from the grocery store.  Yowie (that’s my word – you won’t find it in the dictionary).   That simply means Oh.  My. Goodness!  I brought in five small bags of groceries and it was just over $50 and many of the items I bought were on sale or even clearance. I also used some coupons.  We’re all looking for ways to cut back and save at the grocery store, aren’t we?

Oh, and what about gasoline?  The people driving those “smart cars” are probably the most extreme ones striving to save on gas prices.  I guess the bicyclers would count, too. But we are always scouting out good gas breaks.

Goodwill stores are doing the business these days with people buying furniture and accessories and up-cycling them.  Ideas like these pictured are really hot these days.  These creative ideas keep folks from spending a fortune on furniture for their home.

With all the need to save on so many areas of our life, there is one area that we can be really extravagant!  That’s in the area of dishing out love!  How could you dole out a generous dose to those most important in your life?

Let’s start with the greatest love:

Our love for God ~

  • Get up early to spend an extra half hour with the Lord in the morning.
  • When you pray, don’t ask for anything – only give praise and thanks to Him.
  • Sing a song of praise to Him.
  • Read a chapter of Psalms to the Lord as a prayer of praise
Our love for our husband~
  • Leave a note for him to find first thing in the morning.  Perhaps you could do this by slipping into the bathroom after he’s gone to bed at night and writing a note on the mirror with dry erase marker.  Let him know one reason you respect him.
  • Mark out time just for him.  No interruptions from children or cell phone!
  • Buy him a little treat you know he loves when you go to the grocery store.
  • Hide a small gift (book, candy bar, his favorite kind of ink pen, or $5 gift card to Sonic) in his car.
Our love for our children:
  • Make pancakes with a blueberry smiley face in them
  • Let them skip a chore today and instead, read them a book or look at their baby pictures
  • Take them on an outing to the library, the park or a play area 
  • Eat lunch outside on a blanket in the backyard
Our love for others:
  • Look for someone with whom you could share a Gospel tract
  • Ask the Lord for someone to whom you could send an encouraging note
  • Bake something for a neighbor 
  • Pay for the order of person behind you in line at the fast food drive through

Go ahead!  Be extravagant and pass out generous helpings of your Christ-like love to those around you.  The pay off is even better.

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. 
John 13:35

How will you be generous with your love today?

With love,

2 thoughts on “Be Extravagant

  1. Denise, today I.m going to show extra love to my husband. Just made him his favorite breakfast… Sweet oatmeal and hot coffee.
    We are leaving tomorrow to go see Steven and his family in CA, so I.ll help Steve pack. (A “chore” for him.)
    This week I.ve been reminded how much he needs me, and the biggest gift I can give is being patient and show him respect no matter how difficult. After 33 years of marriage, live gets tedious often.
    Wow…there's a lot of info. I.m needing extra prayer these days.
    Loving you from afar~ Debby


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