Much Treasure in Our House

Continuing my thoughts about the verse from the other day about  Proverbs  15:6 –  In the house of the righteous is much treasure…

One day (of many) while at home with my young daughter, I had to stop and take time out of our routine to go with her to her bedroom.  The door being shut, we sat on the edge of her bed with my Bible in my hands, and I pointed out to her why her actions were sinful in God’s eyes.  We bowed our heads and each of us prayed – she prayed for God’s forgiveness of her sin; I prayed she would truly repent and walk in truth.  Then, a spanking (2 or 3 swats with a paddle) was administered.  She wept while I held her.  Tears were wiped away and I assured her that things were forgotten and we could get on with our day with a new beginning.  This time of discipline from God’s Word is a treasure in a Christian home.

After picking up my cup of coffee, I head to my Quiet Place where I spend time with the Lord.  He speaks to me from His Word!  Then I open my prayer journal and lay before Him the cares of my heart and those of others.  This time alone with God is a treasure in a Christian home.

After breakfast, my husband often opens a devotional book and we read it together.  We may discuss its prevalence on our personal lives and then we grasp hands and he leads us in prayer. This time in the truth is a treasure in a Christian home.  

At the end of a long day, we climb into the comfort of our bed, hold hands and my husband prays.  He thanks the Lord for the day behind us, commits any worries on our hearts, and we fall asleep, ending our day talking with God.  This time of prayer is a treasure in a Christian home.

Do we always mine out those treasures?  No, I’m sorry to say, we don’t. But oh, the joy when we take advantage of the opportunities to turn to the Lord and His Word!  You might say, “But my husband won’t lead me like your husband does.”  Pray.  Ask the Lord to open his heart to it.  Pray for others to influence his life in godly leadership at home.  You could make a suggestion, and then leave it.  If he doesn’t want to do it, then let it go.  You can still have times to point your own heart and  your children’s hearts to the Lord and “cash in” on that treasured time.

What other treasures have you found in the house of the righteous?

With love,

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