A Peek Inside the Parsonage

I love it when I’m out shopping and I see something and say, “That is exactly what I’m looking for!” I’m not always smart enough to go ahead and buy it on the spot. Sometimes the price may hold me back, which is a good reason to wait. But sometimes I question the color or size of a household item, and then often when I get home, I realize it would have been perfect.  ~Sigh~

I did that a couple weeks ago. I’d found a picture that I thought would be really nice in my guest/craft room, but I was afraid it might be too big, so…I hesitated. I went back and looked at it several times before I left the store…without it. Then when I got home, I peeked into the guest room and realized that it was clearly the perfect size, color and style for what I needed on that wall! It was at a Hobby Lobby, about thirty minutes from our house, so I couldn’t justify just popping back over there to get it the next day. However, the next week when we were in the area for something else, I asked my husband to drop me off at the door so I could run in and see if it was still there. Guess what? It was!!!!!!!!!  Yippee!  I snatched it and got it home and hung it, pronto!  ~Happy sigh~  I’m in love!

Here’s a close up shot…
The chandelier is made from metal and attached to the canvas, so it’s three dimensional.
Can you see the glass prisms hanging from the chandelier? 


Here’s a shot from the doorway…

Have you ever found something and not gotten it, then regretted it? Did you go back and score like I did? Whew!

From my parsonage windows,

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