Freshen Up Friday

I came across this little list of Outdoor Living Tips from one my favorite local design stores – Gracious Designs.  Here are ten ideas to freshen up your outdoor space and make it inviting this summer:

  1. Create outdoor rooms using outdoor rugs
  2. Add softness to swings and chairs with washable pillows & throws
  3. Hang “Candeliers” (like the one pictured above) and lanterns to add ambiance
  4. Stock your kitchen with crackers, flavored cream cheese, cookies and iced tea for a party.
  5. Create a favorite summer song playlist or cd to play
  6. Introduce one “Hot” new color into your outdoor area.
  7. Hang outdoor art to finish off your patio or deck.
  8. Add glass gazing balls for sparkle and reflection.
  9. Shower curtains are an inexpensive alternative to pricey outdoor curtains.
  10. Mix in artificial florals to extend the life of your potted plants.

Refresh your outdoor space into a place you love to live in and entertain in; it can literally double your living space!

See you in church!

Be refreshed,

2 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. Denise, I love this! You have such terrific idea and implement them. I remember from past posts when you added some of the features.

    Going to look for a colorful table cloth for our porch table AND hang clear plastic shower curtains to keep the rain out. Our front porch is covered, yet, when any amount of rain comes, the whole porch gets soaked and it's impossible to sit out there to enjoy nature coming down. When no rain, the curtains can be tied back.

    YES! Gonna do it.

    Loving you, Denise, and hope you have a wonderful weekend~ d


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