Freshen Up Friday

This is an exciting time – my husband and I are in the process of looking at homes so that we can purchase one! As I’ve walked through kitchens I’ve been amazed at the DIRTY OVENS! I’m beginning to think this saying I read is true:

Old joke: Oven’s dirty. Time to move.

Are you up to doing something that takes bravery? I thought so. Today, go to your oven, turn the light on, then open the door. Stick your head in there and take a look. If you want to scream instead of sigh or blush instead of bake, why not do something about it today?

I’m amazed at how many people have a self-cleaning feature on their oven, but don’t use it! Really? Why not? Okay, it gets really hot, but it’s an oven; it was made to get hot. I don’t leave the house when mine is cleaning, but nothing has ever happened as a result of the heat, except turn my splattered, messy oven into a shiny, clean cooking place! I like to turn mine on at night during the summer months so it won’t make the kitchen too hot on an already warm day. So, if you have a self-cleaning oven, turn it on, dust off your hands, and go do something fun!

If you don’t have that feature on your oven, (and I have another small oven in my kitchen that does not), here’s my favorite way to clean it out.

  • Grab a Brillo pad, a pair of rubber gloves and some damp paper towels.  
  • Remove the racks from you oven and put them in the sink for later.
  • Get the Brillo a little wet, then start scrubbing the inside of the oven. Occasionally wipe it off with the paper towels so you can see the places you’ve missed. Keep going until you’ve got it all cleaned out.
  • Wipe the whole inside down with a wet paper towel.
  • Go to the sink and, using a Brillo pad again, scrub each rack until it shines. Rinse with the spray nozzle. Replace racks in oven.
Now, stand back and smile at your oven that is clean, shiny and ready to let a prospective home-buyer peek into! =)

Be refreshed,

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