Freshen Up Friday

I saw this lovely photo on Pinterest this week.  
Lovely sitting room

As I looked at it and saw that white stool, it dawned on me that I have a red stool just like that sitting in my kitchen.  I went and got it and put it in my living room.

It started here…too crowded

Then here…hmm, no.
Then when I put it down here at the end of the hallway…

I knew it was right. =) 
Now all I need is a beautiful mirror like the one in the picture!

Why not take a look around your house and refresh a room simply by taking a small piece of furniture like a bedside table, stool, chair or ottoman and moving it to another room. Keep moving it around until it looks just right! If you need inspiration, flip through a magazine or Pinterest and find it there… or just below.

Twelve Oaks Manor —– Summer Home Tour | Twelve Oaks Manor
How about a small table and lamp on your porch?
Or one at the end of your kitchen counter or somewhere else in your kitchen?

loving the red cupboards,a baking table at the wall where my fridge is with a chalkboard there with the recipes i need and under the table can be all the storage for my baking,oh how my mind is brainstorming but with black and white decor what can i paint my walls? any ideas

Do you have a trunk you could use as a coffee table?
Christmas Decor
Do you have room for a dresser in your foyer?
Curtain rod above the door and curtains tied back for the sidelights; can be closed for privacy at night.
I’ve said this before, but it’s great fun to shop in your own house! It doesn’t cost anything but a little time and some creativity! Freshen up a room today by doing a little shopping at home!

Tell me if you found something to move around!

See you in church Sunday!

Be refreshed,
P.S. Stay posted about the mirror at the end of the hallway! I just had a thought about one in the guest room, or the old window that’s downstairs! And I think it needs something tall instead of those roses… Gotta go! Those creative juices are still flowing!

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