Christian Life

Choose Gratitude

I had been standing in the condo kitchen for about an hour packing up dishes because, in answer to months of praying, my mother-in-law’s condo has sold! So my house isn’t the only place I’m packing! We now are in the throes of packing up what seems to be a mountain of books, a city of dishes, and a nation of pictures at the condo!

I thought I was finally nearing the end of all the kitchenware when I dared open a cabinet door as suspiciously as a mouse entering a room full of cats. When the light hit the inside, it bounced off of a whole cabinet of Corning ware. I groaned – not just inwardly, but out loud. “You have got to be kidding me! Who needs this much Corning ware?!” My complaint ricocheted off the condo walls and echoed in my ears. More importantly, it hit my heart. I knew then it was the Holy Spirit’s conviction. The words in my heart were His whispers –

“If the condo hadn’t sold, you wouldn’t have to be packing all these dishes. This is all due to your prayers being answered.”  “Oh, Lord, forgive my complaints. You are so good, and I will choose instead to be grateful for all You are doing in our lives.”

For the rest of the time I worked, I purposefully chose gratitude, thinking about the joy of this need being taken care of. What’s a little more newsprint on my hands? So what if it takes a couple more days? God did this, and I will be glad! It’s amazing how my perspective changed the afternoon.

Have you found yourself complaining and groaning in your spirit today? What’s causing it? Is it the mountain of laundry? The attitudes of your little ones? The sleepless night? The load on you at work? An unreasonable boss? Start thanking God for that thing instead and watch it change your heart and the situation!

With love (and a stack of happy boxes),

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