Freshen Up Friday

A new school year has begun, and before Labor Day has passed you will have enough papers, cards, notes and coloring sheets to wallpaper the Biltmore House.  What will you do with all that clutter treasure?  I have a great suggestion for you!


My mom, who is Organization personified, got a cute little box like this for each of my sisters and me…(kitty not included)
As she was filing through all her junk treasures, which ever family had sent that item, would get it put into their box. Tucked inside I found things like: A thank you letter from my daughter to Nana and Papa, and homemade Valentine card made by one of my girls, announcement of the birth of our baby girls, letters from me, etc.


Liza’s thoughts – “There better be a treat inside that box – you woke me up!”

She turned that box into a treasure trove!  It’s great to file through and read the memories tucked inside!  The fact that it’s all contained in a cute little box turns it from a pain to deal with, to a true blessing!

Liza’s thoughts – “I’ll just take my bath while I wait for you to bring me my treat!”

Get a box now for each of your children and start piling things inside rather than waiting until you have a stack on your counter the size of Godzilla.  You and your children can enjoy flipping through the contents, and it will refresh you, rather than reducing you to tears!

What do you do with all those papers you don’t want to get rid of?

See you in church Sunday!

Be refreshed,

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