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Really Living

For years my husband has told the “story” of a man who died and was buried in his Cadillac. His buddy came to the funeral and when he saw his friend lying there in his Cadillac he said, “Man, he sure is living!”

What is really living? What does it look like?

 Yesterday when I read Proverbs chapter 12, I thought of what good advice the last verse in the chapter is for anyone who wants to know how to approach life as a believer; to know what it’s like to truly live. It’s the best advice for a single person, a married couple, a young person or someone up in years. It’s the same for all of us. Here’s what the first part of the verse says…

If life is found “in the way of righteousness,” what is the way? It’s only when we are right with God that we can even be called righteous, so that’s the first point. This is a person who has accepted Christ’s sacrifice on the cross as payment for their sins. They are now right with God. Then to continue “in the way,” we obey God’s Word and His Word says, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” It is by faith that we are saved, and we must continue to live believing God for everything in our lives.

Being in full-time ministry, I can’t remember a time that my husband and I haven’t had to live by faith. We stepped out into our first ministry unsure of how we would make ends meet, but we knew we had God’s promise to provide all our needs. Many, many times we have had to pray and wait on God to supply for every day needs, funds for camp for our girls, books for school, or money for a bill and God has always been faithful.

Even now, as we’ve embarked out into the realm of purchasing a home, we have PRAYED (my request began 10 years ago!), waited, prayed, looked, prayed, offered, prayed, waited and THEN we saw God provide the perfect house at the perfect time in a way that only He could get the glory!

I know there are many people who have the funds to buy whatever they want, and trusting God really isn’t in their view finder. I’m sorry for them. Watching God at work is incredible! But living a life of faith is more than just money – it’s turning to God about everything – job, church home, vacation, retirement, how to spend the money you do have, investing in others, and day to day decisions.

Are you really living in the way of righteousness? When you are, then and only then are you really living.

Why not embark in that righteous way today? Stop and ask the Lord to reveal how you’re going your own way instead of trusting Him in faith. You’ll find greater joy and fulfillment as you wait on Him to reveal Himself in every area of your life!

With love,

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