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An Old Friend

How can a thing become an Old Friend? I’m not really sure, but this sewing machine was my Old Friend. I got it in 1976 when I was a senior in high school. I paid $100 for the machine and the cabinet; a lot of money for an 18 year-old working a part-time job.

I wanted to learn to sew and now with my New Friend at my side, I enrolled in an evening Singer class where there were only a few students. Each student in the class had ample individualized time with the instructor because of the ratio. I learned tips and tricks that got me started on the path to becoming a beginner seamstress. My Old Friend never laughed when I sewed my corduroy skirt with the knap going in opposite directions, or when I had to rip out the same sleeve three times to get it to hang straight. No, it just kept helping me to make beautiful things from pieces of fabric all those years.

I wish I knew how many miles I put on that Old Friend! In the past 37 years, I’ve made dresses, blouses, skirts, aprons, curtains, baby dresses, doll dresses, bags, a partial quilt (still working on that one!), pillow cases, napkins, a coat and many Halloween outfits. I taught my daughters to sew on my Old Friend. It has given me hours and hours of sewing pleasure with very little mechanical difficulties. It was a faithful Old Friend.

Yesterday I sold my Old Friend.  Gulp. I felt like a piece of me left with it. It probably sounds silly to others, and frankly, I was surprised at the emotion that gathered in my throat when I watched it being carried out to the buyer’s car. We’d had many hours together, me and my Old Friend. I was young when we became acquainted. It got me through many seasons in my life.

Hmmmm, kind of reminds me of a mentor, a discipler, if you will. A disciple sticks with another person to teach, encourage, and be there through the seasons of their life. They don’t laugh or ridicule when mistakes are made; they are faithful to stay by your side, cheering and motivating the next right step. I’ve had mentors like that – my mom, another pastor’s wife and others. But I wonder to how many women have I been an Old Friend? There’s nothing like a that kind of confidant, who will instruct and guide, pray and help, smile and encourage through every stage and phase you go through.

My “Old Friend” was just a machine, but my real “Old Friends” were anything but mechanical – they dealt with me from the heart. That’s the best part of an Old Friend. Your hearts are connected in Christ. A true friend will always point you back to Him.

Are you being an Old Friend to another woman? I don’t mean just a buddy, I’m talking about discipling someone. No matter your age, there’s someone younger than you are that needs just what you have to share – your heart. Won’t you prayerfully consider someone to whom you could be an Old Friend?

Oh, and by the way, a dear lady gave me a new sewing machine recently. It does all kinds of fancy stitches and tricks! I see a new friendship in the making!

Have you had someone who invested in your life and is an “Old Friend” to you? I’d love to hear how she impacted your life!

With love,

5 thoughts on “An Old Friend

  1. thats funny Denise…I have the same machine but since you were able to sell it means you are having success with your new machine and that is great…Ray and I were cleaning basement after all the flooding and I have 4 machines one of which was my grandmothers which only sews straight lines did alot on that machine…too many memories to sell it….thanks for the blog…great


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