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I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, Dear Readers! I have truly missed being able to connect with you here! It took a little longer to get Internet connections to our newly constructed house, but it was probably a good break. It has given me more time to get settled into our new home as well as participate in a couples retreat, direct a wedding, make a trip to Kentucky and host a couple gatherings – all in the last two weeks! Things have been busy, but very wonderful!

The view from my devotional chair

While we were moving and getting settled, so many people were a blessing to us; they refreshed us.

  • Some brought food and beverages on the day we moved.
  • Some helped me pack before the move.
  • Some helped me unpack after we moved.
  • Many sent cards of congratulations on our new home.
  • Some have come to visit and welcome us!
  • Some have given gracious gifts for our new home.
  • Many have prayed for all the details and let us know how they were praying.
  • Many have rejoiced with us in God’s provision. It’s harder to rejoice than to weep with those that weep. Seeing others’ joy in our blessing is really special.
If someone you know is moving, consider how you could refresh them at this time by looking at the list above and asking the Lord what He would have you do. Moving is a daunting task, so whatever you do for them will be really appreciated! If you can only pack up one cabinet of dishes, it will be one less cabinet they have to pack. If you could only have time to bake them some cookies for the day of their move, it will help fortify them on that exhausting day. The point is, do something. You will be refreshed as you encourage them!

Back to our desire to encourage our pastor and our husband:

Pastor’s Encouragement: Pray that God will protect your pastor’s wife from bitterness when her husband is criticized. Pray that her prayer and devotional life will be consistent, and that she will guard her mind and heart. (As a pastor’s wife, I know how much I need this prayer! Thanks in advance for those that will pray this for me!)

Your Husband: Plant seeds of faithfulness into your husband’s heart by praising his integrity and loyal actions. Write him a note expressing how much it means to you that he has honored his marriage vow.
*Note: If there has been unfaithfulness in your relationship, thank the Lord that your husband is still with you, and thank your husband for it too. Keep building. God can make beauty from ashes!

I can’t wait for the days ahead! I have pictures of our house to show its progress. Though things aren’t decorated yet, I’m pretty well unpacked. I have some devotional thoughts I’ve been thinking about and some great new recipes to share too, so keep tuned! I’m back online! 

What have you been up to since we last met here? I missed you!!!!

Love and hugs,

8 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I am glad you are backed too! I have missed reading your blog. If I haven't told you I enjoy reading your blog. I start my day out with it and with my devotions. Love you!


  2. WooHoo! so glad your back, have missed you and your post. I can't wait until we get to make a trip south to see you guys and see the new house. By the way I need your new address, I have something I want to send to you for your new home. (You might want to private message that info to me:)Unless you want a LOT of people showing up on your doorstep, lol. So happy for you, you and Pastor deserve all of Gods wonderful Blessings. We love and miss you guys.


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