Freshen Up Friday

My whole world is refreshed because of  my new kitchen, but there’s one spot that I especially LOVE!

It’s my pantry!

I love it!!!!

It’s so wonderful having all my canned goods and extra products right here at my fingertips! I don’t have it completely filled and ready, but I thought I’d give you a little look inside, and also a little encouragement as how to refresh your own pantry, closet or cupboards.

Use similar materials to hold things. I decided that I didn’t want everything to just be stacked in the pantry and make it look cluttered. So I am using two finishes: glass jars and light wicker baskets. You could go with black trays, or red, wire or white baskets. It will create uniformity. Hobby Lobby has great containers like this, and when they’re on half price sale, it’s a great deal!

Also, using baskets can help you organize items. I have a basket for baked goods, like store bought cookies or crackers. I have one for baking items; chocolate chips, my extra oatmeal (I buy it in bulk), brown sugar, and nuts. One basket holds my paper plates and colored napkins. My jars hold oatmeal, popcorn, nuts, and pasta. I love the jars with the chalkboard labels!

Even if you don’t have a pantry, you can still use small baskets or containers to corral your cupboard items. Your spices could go in one. Baking soda, powder, salt and corn starch could go in another.

You should love opening up the pantry or cupboard door because not only is everything within your reach, but it’s also easy to find and looks attractive.

Do yourself a favor and refresh your cupboard or pantry this weekend. It will make things easier to use, and create a place you love!

Now refresh someone else:

Pastor Encouragement: Pray for your pastor’s children, and especially that the pressures of the ministry will not discourage or embitter them. Pray that your pastor will provide godly leadership in the home, not based on fear of what others will think, but according to Scriptural truth. If your pastor does not have children, pray that God will give him many spiritual children as he shares the Gospel.

Husband Encouragement: As you continue in your 30-day challenge, not speaking negatively and focusing on positive encouragement, hear the Lord’s admonition today: “Be quick to hear.”

If listening is a real problem for you, play a game with yourself. See if you can listen to your husband for one whole day, only speaking when asked a question. If your husband notices the difference, explain that you are learning to listen more — not only to God, but also to him.

Do you have a pantry? Is it easy to use? How do you organize yours?

Be refreshed,

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