A Peek From My Porch

Oh, Friends, I’m still crazy about this new place in which we live! I hope I never get used to it. This has been such an overwhelmingly wonderful experience of God’s grace, that I pray I never ever take it for granted.

We are to close on our house on Monday, which happens to be the LAST possible day we could close without the fixed rate on our mortgage not going up! God is seldom early but never late! I knew He would get the one detail taken care of in time for it to close on time. Everything is finally in order and we are set to finish the details in less than a week. Hallelujah!

I told the Lord I would tell everyone how He provided this home for us. I hope the folks at the closing are ready for a good story, ’cause they’re going to hear it! =) The short version –

  1. I have prayed for ten years for a house of our own.
  2. After God provided for the girls college tuition expenses, He opened the door for us to look at houses.
  3. We offered bids on two other homes and were turned down. I was disappointed, but God was keeping us back so we’d be ready for the perfect place for us!
  4. We found this brand new house in the country that had EVERYTHING on the list I’d prayed for, plus several other blessings I hadn’t thought of!
  5. Our offer was accepted.
  6. Our loan was approved
  7. We got to move in before closing because of only one piece of paper that was floating somewhere and needed to land in the right place.
  8. Two days before the deadline, God got everything in order for closing!
  9. God continues to provide and bless us in ways we couldn’t imagine!
  10. This is our home!!!!!

Up to this point, I haven’t shared many pictures of my new home. Why?

  1. Pictures on my phone won’t upload to my computer. Grrr.
  2. I’m trying to get things decorated a little before giving a peek!
However, I pulled out my camera rather than my phone and snapped a few pictures literally from my porch into the entryway. We’ll start there and walk our way into the house a little at a time. Maybe by the time we get down the hall I’ll have pictures and curtains up!


Here’s the front door:

I’m hoping that one of the farmers around me will give me some cornstalks to add to my doorway! My girls brought me the beautiful mum for a housewarming gift! Aren’t they sweet?

My girls and I attended a decorating class at Gracious Designs last Saturday. She said that the entryway should have a “Wow Factor.”  Whatever you see first should be beautiful!!!! I found this green rug at TJ Maxx and it gives a great pop of color at the door…

Liza is getting ready to “walk the carpet”! Ha!
Just inside the door on the wall to the left is this frame:

It was my translation of this Pinterest idea:
Idea for a small wall
I have a nice long hallway. Even though it’s a little narrow, there’s plenty of room for this half table.
I’m trying to make it my “wow” factor.

I don’t have all my fall decorations out yet, but this is a start…

A friend at church made this wreath for me last year; isn’t it gorgeous?!

This year I added one thing – a leaf ornament I was given last year…

I’m still adding, subtracting and “fluffing,” so don’t be surprised if you stop by and it doesn’t look this way anymore! I’m looking for some books to pile on this table. I think that might give it the look I’m going for.

Thanks for stopping by! What are you doing in your entryway for fall?

Pastor Encouragement: Pray that you pastor will be humble and authentic in his faith, not given to pride or hypocrisy. Pray that he will have pure motives and give God glory for every gain and victory.

Husband Encouragement: Spend time in prayer, asking the Spirit to search you and know your heart for any unreasonable or unrealistic expectations you are holding over your husband. Today, try to look at your husband through eyes of grace. Verbally thank your husband for what he is already doing, and release him from any overly demanding expectations the Lord has shown you.

With love from my country home,

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