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Freshen Up Friday

Want to make doing laundry a little more interesting? How about sprucing up your laundry room? Pinterest has some really fabulous ideas. Are they for real? Can the laundry room be pretty? I think so based on some pictures I’ve found! 

Could your laundry space use some freshening up?

Here are a few beautiful rooms from my Pinterest boards to spark

your creativity…

Stylish Small Space | Laundry Room
Better Homes and Gardens
Use up-high shelving to maximize laundry room storage space.
Better Homes and Gardens
A laundry room can still be warm and cozy - here, the cement walls are hidden behind subtle polka-dot curtains, while other home accessories, such as decorative boxes and glass bottles and the pair of ceiling fixtures, offer homey warmth.

cute laundry rooms
Tip Junkie

And now for my new laundry room 

(still a work in progress)

Based on the pictures I’ve loved, I realized that a laundry room needs to have some unexpected elements, some functional pieces for storage, and something really pretty.

Here’s what I’ve done so far.  

I’m going with gray and yellow and red as an accent.

I’m still on the lookout for a yellow and gray rug.
This is also Liza’s room,
so don’t mind that she wanted to be in my pictures!

So the baskets are the functional pieces that hold my laundry detergents, starch and such.
How about a little lamp and some flowers?
I love my Susan Branch calendar and thought this was a perfect place to hang it so I’ll see it often!

Artwork on the walls adds a finishing touch to make it look like it is indeed a room – not just a catch-all space.

I also hung a picture/bulletin board of family and friends.

Something a little unexpected helps perk things up, too.

Because laundry is a necessary part of housework means the room we do it in should be inviting and as pretty as possible.  Make it enjoyable to be in there!  What could you do to add a little element of creativity – even beauty to your laundry room?  Freshen it up…you might even want to do a load of laundry just so you can look at your lovely space!

I’m going to skip the encouragement challenge today because this post has been so long.  See you on Monday!

Be refreshed,

3 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. I totally agree, decorating the laundry room makes a huge difference! One of my friends came over to do their laundry when their washer went on the blink, and she commented on how cute the space was! You don't usually get comments on the laundry room! Ha! =)

    I found a cute little metal sign at Hob Lob last week (50% off of course) that says “check your pockets!” I hope it will be pretty AND helpful. Ahem.


  2. I love this post! My laundry room definitely needs an update! I love the BHG one… You did a great job with yours! I thought yours was from a magazine too at first glance.


  3. Love that sign, Whitney! I'm looking at a vinyl saying at Hobby Lobby. Waiting for the 50% off sale! The sign says, “Loads and loads of fun!” I think it's a good perspective on doing laundry as you and I both talked about in our blog posts this week, but it's also just cute!

    Thanks, Kim. I still have much to do to finish my space, but thought I'd share the progress so far. I'm thinking a chandelier like the one from Tip Junkie would be a lovely touch! Hope your space turns out beautiful!


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