Freshen Up Friday

If I could describe Autumn in one word it would be cozy.  The cooler temps, the fleecy throws, the hues of the trees and the fall fabrics, fireplaces, stews and beverages all make things snugly warm and comfortable; cozy.  To help you refresh your home for fall and make it a place where you (and others) will want to hunker down for the evening, I’m going to share a few tips I’ve read recently, as well as some of my own favorite ways to make things warm and inviting.

  • Plug in little hospitality lights everywhere and at different heights. Since it gets dark so early, it’s lovely to walk into a room with a soft glow. The lamp in the picture above is on the living room mantle. I have another one on top of my book case, and another on the kitchen counter and one in the guest bath.  here’s a tea cup light plugged into an outlet inside the front door as well. They’re everywhere giving little glows of light and warmth into every room.
  • Change the scent in your home from the summer fragrances to the autumnal ones. Try cinnamon, orange slices, and cloves simmering in a pot of water. The Yankee fall fragrances are so wonderful. I’ve also heard that putting a few drops of vanilla on your furnace filter will make your house smell amazing.
  • Now is the time to stock up your pantry. Baking items such as canned pumpkin, shortening, sugars, flour, and chocolate morsels are usually on sale at this time (our Walgreens had sugar for $1.89 and Nestle Toll House Chocolate chips for $1.79 this week!). Stock up so you’re ready for some lovely baking days. Pile up on some quick soups for lunch on chilly days.
  • Stock up on candles. Votives, pillars, tapers – fill your house so you can light them at the dinner table as the sun is setting and the kitchen is growing dark.
  • Fill a basket with all the things for a steaming cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Add a great blend of coffees, cocoa, marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and pretty cups or pottery mugs.
  • Stock up your medicine cabinet, too, for the inevitable colds this season. Vapour rub, cough drops, cough syrup and soft Puffs are a blessing to have on hand before it hits. I also like to make sure I have cream of chicken soup, instant rice and chicken broth in the pantry. Mix the three for the best quick soup on a sick day.
  • Create visual warmth in your home by replacing sheer curtains for heavier drapes. Place a warm, fleecy throw at the foot of the bed and over the side of the sofa for chilly nights.
  • Autumn is the time to go a little basket crazy. Fill one with autumn fruits and vegetables on the kitchen counter. Fill one with magazines and books to read on cold days/nights when you decide to pack it in at home, rather than go out anywhere. Leave one by the front door for wet shoes and another to bring in fire wood.
Home is the best place to be on an autumn day. Refresh yours for fall so you can’t wait to get there!

What do you do to make your home inviting in the autumn?

Be refreshed,

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