The Lonely Road

I’m not really an adventuresome driver.  I prefer quiet two lane roads in small towns to the multi-lane interstates in the large cities.  I’d rather putter along at 40 miles an hour with the window down than imitate a 747 at take off.  Yeah, you probably don’t want to drive behind me if you’re in a hurry.

Yesterday afternoon on my way home from “town” (that’s where I go now that I live in the country!) I couldn’t believe how busy the interstate was at 4:00!  My girls will  laugh, but it was bumper to bumper traffic, though it was moving.  I continued my journey home, getting off at the first exit.  The cars were still pretty busy; some getting into turn lanes, others entering the road from the interstate coming the opposite direction.  I went through a couple more traffic lights where the road narrowed to just two lanes.  The traffic thinned out.  When it came time to turn towards the country, I found only one car way up ahead.  Then as I neared my house, what I saw was the picture above.  Just me and the road.  I sighed…this is the way I like it.  It made me want to roll my window down!

At that moment, the Lord brought to my mind the thought I’d heard some time before – The closer you get to the cross, the thinner the crowd gets. There was no crowd beating down Jesus’ door so that they might travel with Him as He went to the cross.  Even His own disciples left Him.  It was a very lonely road.

Any time you or I make the choice to follow the Lord in abandon, it will not be an interstate full of cars that surrounds us.  It will be like a lonely highway or a country road.  When Mary of Bethany anointed Jesus’ feet, she was condemned by one of Jesus’ disciples; the one who also betrayed Christ.  Who was at the tomb after His death?  Just a few women.  The disciples were even in hiding.  There would have been no trouble merging into the traffic to the Garden.

What I found yesterday when I ventured out into the country was bliss.  On a much higher plane, you and I will find unprecedented joy when we follow the lonely path of sacrifice, love and surrender to our Lord.  The crowd is thinner, but the company with whom we travel are those who also love our Savior and favor the lonely road of love spilled out.

It’s worth the time to follow the Road Less Traveled.  Why?  Our Savior is there, and He waits for us.

Keep on the road, my friend.

With love,

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