What Could Others See In Your Marriage?

Yesterday I shared six things a couple might do that make it obvious to those around them that they truly love one another and are working at having an above average marriage. Today I want to discuss each of those things in a little more detail – just so we’re on the same page.

The suggestion were:

  1. Be affectionate – By this I’m not saying you do things in public that make other people uncomfortable. I’m talking about simple gestures of affection. Such as placing your hand on your husband’s arm or shoulder, or him with his arm around you when you’re seated. This isn’t a death lock, just an arm behind youYou don’t want people behind you to be uncomfortable! Hold hands when you walk or ride in the car.
  2. Giving each other a “look.”  It’s a “just for him” kind of look. It’s a wink. A head tilted to the side and eyes sparkly.
  3. Kissing hello and goodbye. This is pretty self-explanatory, but often neglected. We may kiss the air as we head out the door, but that just doesn’t cut it! If you’re with others in public when saying hi or bye, you can still share a kiss without making a huge PDA.
  4. Talking positively about the other. I’m truly not a fan of displaying my love for my husband on social media. I don’t think it’s necessary to let the world know how crazy I am about him by shouting it out. If I’m doing exactly what this post is saying, others will know I love him. I am saying, however, that we need to be careful to speak about him in a positive light when we’re in conversation with others. It’s easy to get into the negative vibes about our mate, but we wouldn’t want him airing all our bad traits, so we need to guard our lips. I like to share with others how Dale has helped me, what a challenge he is to me spiritually or how he takes such good care of me. If we can “slide it into our conversation” it will let him and others know in a subtle way why we value him.
  5. Reminisce about fun times. I love to remember fun things we’ve done as a couple. “Remember that date we took to…” Or “I loved the time we…”  all tend to keep things on a positive note. What does “We never…” do to a husband? It tears him down. Pull out pictures of fun times in the past and reminisce. From there you can make suggestions to make some more great memories!
  6. Take care of one another. I’m not talking about being his mother, but his wife.  Be on the lookout for how you can come to your husband’s aid. Does he need something in town that you could pick up? His dry cleaning? His favorite soap for the shower? Offer to run the errand for him. Does a sport coat need a button sewn back on? Is his dirty laundry piling up? Take care of it. Does he need an idea for an event coming up? Help him research the topic. Is he struggling with a problem in his job? Stop and pray with him. Take care of his needs…all of them. Take it from there.
Marriage is a blessing. I pray you’re working each day to demonstrate to your husband and to others watching how much you care for the man God gave you. When we love them the way we should, we are putting God on display! There’s something different about that warm, sweet godly affection of two believers who have come together for life. Why not show the world?!

With love,

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