Who is Watching Your Marriage?

Did you know that people are watching your marriage? There are no spies outside your home’s windows, but everywhere you go as a couple, you have eyes on your relationship. Don’t you watch others when you’re out? You see a man and a woman at a restaurant and you see the sweet way they engage with one another and you think, “How sweet! He really pays attention to her!” “She sure adores him!” You see a couple at church and you notice how they worship together. He helps her with her coat. She holds his hand when they stand to sing. You see. You take note and make assumptions based on how they respond to one another.

Though I do the very same kind of observing of other couples, I often forget that others are observing my marriage. Recently another married couple said to my husband and me, “We’ve enjoyed watching the two of you. You seem to really enjoy one another.” I was quite surprised, though I shouldn’t have been. Like me, they had been watching as Dale and I did very normal things. We were at church, eating a meal with them in our home, riding from place to place in a car, and they were taking note of how we responded to one another. They made the (correct) assumption, based on what they saw, that we truly loved one another and had a special marriage. That made me stop and think about what they saw. They are just little things, but they are what makes an average marriage great. Here are a few things they might have seen; things that might be reminders for you to keep or add in your marriage:

It’s the little things that are some of the most important ingredients in our love. We don’t do them just because others are watching, but they should be seen when they observe us. What are you doing that will demonstrate to others that you really love and care for your husband? Someone is watching.

With love,

P.S. If no one else sees, your children do. What a blessing for them to watch their parents really love one another. You are giving them security when they grow up in that kind of atmosphere!
Also: Check back tomorrow for the practical ways to demonstrate your love as mentioned in this post.

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