Freshen Up Friday

Congratulations!  You made it passed the BIG cooking/eating day of Thanksgiving!  Now, straight ahead are many fun baking days as we are now plunging into the terrific Christmas season.  I love, love, love to bake!  One thing I have found sooooo helpful, is to create a “Baking Station,” if you will.  By that I mean to make one area of your kitchen where you keep most everything you need to get your baking done.  You save so many steps when you can stand in one place and simply reach for something.

On one counter of my kitchen beside the stove, I have my Kitchen Aid mixer.  That seemed like the logical place to keep everything else pertaining to baking needs.

Baking Station

As you see in the picture below, I have all my cookbooks and my recipe box in the cabinet below.  I also have some mixing bowls and my food processor down there.

Above the counter are my spices, seasonings, cookie decorations, cookie cutters and baking ingredients like vanilla, baking soda, baking powder and cocoa.

The drawer in front of my mixer is long and a little deep.  I have my pastry blender, biscuit cutters and several sets of measuring cups.  I adore the porcelain ones…aren’t they pretty?  A sweet friend gave me those for my birthday.  Utensils like that just make baking FUN.

If you find you’re going from one area of the kitchen to another to accomplish your baking, why not freshen things up by creating areas where those items are all together. You might just need to move a few things around; it will be worth the effort!  If you’re lacking cabinet storage put the most frequently used baking items in a basket on your counter.  You’ll probably enjoy your baking days a whole lot more – and you won’t be racking up miles in your kitchen!

Happy baking!  What are you planning on baking first for the Christmas season?

Be refreshed,

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