Freshen Up Friday

Ever have a piece of nostalgia and not know quite what to do with it?  Perhaps it’s an item like…

your high school or college graduation tassel.  Is it packed away in a box somewhere because you know you should keep it, but you don’t really want that thing hanging from your rear view mirror the rest of your life!  But what is one to do with it?   I have an answer for you!

Purchase a clear ornament in a craft store…

 Then tuck the tassel inside.  Let the long loop  stick up out of the top and hang the ornament from that loop.
 Now you’ve created a nostalgic ornament that will bring back sweet memories of those school days.  And…you’ll feel better about putting that tassel to some good use.  Perhaps now you can buy a cute Yankee Candle freshener for your car and hang it from your mirror instead.  There, doesn’t your car feel  all grown up?

5 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. I like that! I think it would be fun to use the clear ornament to put other special memory items inside–things you don't want to get rid of because they are special, yet what do you do with them? I'm thinking of my graduation ring, a pin for a special certification earned, even a piece of jewelry from childhood.


  2. Sure, Dianne. These would work for anything that is a sentimental memory. Then every year when you decorate the tree, you bring back that memory in your ornament!


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