Giving at Christmas

How are you planning on giving this Christmas?  Oh, I don’t mean the gifts you’re exchanging, but what will you share with others?  There are folks right under our noses that could use a visit, in invitation for dinner, a knock on their door with a plate of cookies, or just a listening ear.

How about considering a way your you or your family could serve someone else on Christmas Eve or Christmas day?

  • People that are in nursing homes would love to be sung to.
  • Shut-in’s are lonely and need a cheerful holiday visit.
  • Someone who has lost a loved one could use a sweet reminder of the one they’re missing. Perhaps you could share an ornament for the tree or a tree to be planted in their loved one’s memory.
  • A couple whose children live out of town might be alone for Christmas.  Perhaps they’d love to have dinner with you!
  • Firemen, nurses, doctors, policemen all work on Christmas.  A tray of goodies and a “thank you” would surely brighten their holiday!
  • People who are waiting in the hospital ICU for a loved one often need a snack or bottle of water.  Why not stop in the waiting room and offer them a refreshment from your kitchen?
  • Neighbors seldom speak to one another.  Why not bundle up your family and carol down your street on Christmas Eve?  
The great thing about doing any of the above, is that you go to be a blessing, but you always receive an even greater one! Proverbs 11:25 b –“He that watereth shall be watered also himself.”   Go “water” (refresh) someone else this Christmas!

Do you have any suggestions of things your family has done to serve others at Christmastime? 

With love,

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