Frozen Heart Moments

As I sit here at my computer I hear the wind whipping around outside the window beside me. The snow is blowing making the backyard look like a vanilla milkshake being swirled in the blender. The leaves on the evergreen bush seem to be shivering as the wind whips through them, too. All is frozen out there, making me ever so glad to be inside beside the fireplace, praying for those that must be out in these bitter elements.

It’s one thing to have the cold on the outside, but have you ever had that kind of cold in your heart? You may not have intended for the temperature to drop, but some bitter thing happened in your life and then another, until the emotions and will both froze up inside of you. You felt as alone as my porch swing, waiting for someone to stop by and notice. No one does, and like my swing, the snow just keeps piling on, making you feel isolated and forgotten.

Last week my heart just needed to hear from the Lord. I needed Him to “melt some icicles,” if you will. While I was studying Daniel chapter 10, I asked the Lord for a practical truth that I could apply to my life. I know that the prophecy there is wonderful, but I wondered what was here that I could apply to my life. Then I saw it! After Daniel had seen the vision God gave, He was troubled. He called out to God, and God answered! I saw that the Lord does for me in my “Frozen Heart Moments” exactly what He did for Daniel.

  1. He comes to me; I must realize that He is here.  In Verse 18 God sent an angel to comfort Daniel. God sends encouragement in many ways. Sometimes it’s a person, sometimes it’s His presence, but when we seek for it, He will never leave us alone!
  2. He speaks to me; I must listen. Verse nineteen reads: “And said…”You cannot hear from God if you don’t open His Word, read and then listen. He doesn’t speak audibly today. “Thus says the Lord” comes from His Word. Open your Bible and read. Be still. Hear His voice whispering to you.  That’s what He did for Daniel, and that is what He will do for you!
  3. He loves me; I must remember that Truth. Verse nineteen continues, “O man greatly beloved.” You & I are also greatly beloved, but how often we forget that when the winds of adversity and trial blow around us.
If things feel “icy” in your heart, I hope you’ll realize that even these three simple truths will remind you that God cared enough about you to encourage you with this post today! Before you know it, we’ll be looking at this…

If you let the Lord, He can also bring the sunshine and warmth to your soul! Don’t resist Him, He’ll come to you, speak to you and He loves you!

From my wintry home, but warm heart,

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