Freshen Up Friday

Recently my husband came across a great find at the bookstore.  It was called Our Q&A a Day.  This is a 3-year journal for couples.  It asks questions like, “What famous couple would you like to go on a double date with?” Or “What new resolution have you stuck with so far this year?”.  There’s a place on each page for you to answer that question this year and the next two successive years.

We’ve made supper our time to write in our book, and have thoroughly enjoyed the discussion it has created.  It will be a good journal of our relationship over the next several years as we read what we wrote in the earlier years, and where we are today.

This is a great tool to refresh your marriage – and who doesn’t need that?  We all need to keep growing in our relationships!  I found the book on Amazon here, some as inexpensive as $9.  This might make a great Valentine’s Day gift!  Or you could make your own kind of journal, using an empty notebook and creating questions together.

My husband reminded a small group that he’s teaching about communication in marriage, that God communicated with us His love for us and put it in words – 66 books called the Bible.  God knows that we need communication in our marriages too.  A little book like this is just a simple way to help boost the conversation and intimacy created by sharing your heart.

How do you stay connected in communication with your spouse?

See you in church!

Be refreshed,

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