A Fresh Perspective

Can you define the word, perspective? Dictionary.com says this:

Perspective ~ 1. a way of regarding situations, facts, etc, and judging their relative importance
2. the proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it; objectivity.

One way of bringing your perspective into sharp focus is to let a traumatic life experience touch your very world. We had one hit us just this week. We got one of those calls that no parent wants to get. Our youngest daughter phoned, and through tears and terror in her voice, said, “We’ve just been hit by a drunk driver!” My mind wanted to scream out, “No! This can’t be!”

I don’t know at this point how to share my story of how this week has begun. This picture will sum it up:

The car on the left is our future son-in-law’s car. The one on the right was driven by a drunk driver who hit them as they were going home to Greenville Sunday night. God spared them in miraculous ways, answering my simple prayer for them that I’d prayed only 30 minutes before the crash, “Lord, please protect Alli and Andrew as they go over the mountain tonight.”

My heart is overflowing with gratitude to the Lord for sparing their lives. The firemen and police officers all witnessed the fact that it is a miracle. I know a God who performs those on a regular basis, and I see His hand all over these two young people, and what has touched their lives.

My heart has cried happy, relieved tears since Sunday night. I could share much, but let me just share a few simple truths the Lord has brought to my heart in this.

1. This world is temporary; we must not love it. I read Psalm 4 yesterday. Verse 2 says, “How long will you love vanity?” How long will you and I love the stuff that isn’t eternal? How long will we pour our time and efforts into empty things? If we have today, we have it because God gave it to us to use for His glory. Touch people’s lives. Invest in eternity.

2. God preserves His children for a purpose; we must serve Him. Verse 3 – But know that the Lord has set apart those that are godly for Himself. That doesn’t mean that painful things won’t touch us, but God will give grace for the trial, and will preserve our life so we can be a testimony of Him and for Him through it and after it.

3. Goodbyes are precious; we must guard them. We say it often, but we should treat every goodbye as though it is the last, because it very well could be. If you say goodbye in person, through an email or on the phone, make sure it will be in such a way that if you never see that person again, you won’t have regrets. When we got the phone call from Alli that the wreck had just happened, I thought about telling her goodbye at church just an hour and a half before, and I was thankful that it was with smiles, hugs, and “I love you’s.” It was the same with Andrew.

I don’t know what has touched your life recently, or what is in the future, but I pray that these simple truths will encourage you in the midst of it, or before it comes to you. God won’t waste your pain. He is up to something good in each of our lives! It may also just give you (as it has me) a fresh perspective on life!

From a loving, grateful heart,

3 thoughts on “A Fresh Perspective

  1. I am thankful God protected them as I know that your family is so precious to you. Thank you for the words of encouragement to keep all things in perspective. I don't comment often, but your blog posts are such an encouragement to me to run to Him and draw closer to Him and His Word. I will e-mail you soon with an update on our family plans. Have a great day tomorrow 🙂
    Love, Karen E.


  2. Thank you, Karen. You are in my continued prayers. God is using all these hard things to make us realize how much we need Him. My heart has been so thirsty for Him, and He has been my flowing Spring! I'll be anxious to hear from you when you have time to write with an update.


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