Throwback Thursday

Every Thursday on Instagram, folks post pictures of people and events from their past and they call it, “Throwback Thursday.”  My post on this Thursday is a throwback of quotes from this week of meetings.  These are things written in my journal that I don’t want to forget.  Let’s take a look back, shall we?

  • If you can’t witness you’re either not saved or not surrendered.
  • You do all you can do; God will do everything you can’t do.
  • If you don’t properly respond to trials, they will turn into temptations and will possibly destroy you.
  • When we get saved we won’t be sinless, but we should sin less.
  • Am I going to counsel God, or will I let Him counsel me?
  • Do you want a meeting or a moving of God?
  • We have two choices with sin – confess it or complicate it.
  • Some say, “It’s hard to follow God!”  Try running from Him – it’s much harder!
  • God cannot fill bitter people.
  • We quench the Spirit and then wonder why there’s no revival.
  • Grumps aren’t Spirit-filled!

If you attended the revival here, do you have any throwbacks from this week that you could share?  How about a thought that the Lord gave you this week while you were reading His Word?  We should have a “take- away” every day.  I’d love to hear what you’ve learned!

With love,

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